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Calorie Calculators

Body Fat Calculator

Are You Overweight?
Use this calculator to find out if you are overweight and see what your ideal weight should be. A great calculator for goal setting!
Click HERE to check it out!

Food Finder Calculator:
An amazing calculator that tells you exactly how many calories are in almost any food you could possibly think of.
Click HERE to see it in action!

Calories Burnt Calculator:
This calculator estimates the amount of calories you burn at a given running pace. This is great to know when walking,jogging or running outside. All you need is a stop watch to time how long you've been exercising. Most treadmills calculate this for you, but if you are running outside you have no way of knowing how many calories you've just burnt. This is a great tool for that. Check it out!

Enter your weight in lbs or kg, and running pace in mins per mile or mins per km.
Next, enter the duration of your run (in minutes) and Press "Calculate"

mins secs
Total Calories


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