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The "Low Down" on Fat Burners:

When you hear the term "Fat Burners" most people assume you are referring to the popular ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin combination that is so prevalent these days.

The bottom line is that these products have been shown in studies to be effective for fat loss, though they do have negative side effects.

First off, be aware that ephedrine and caffeine in combination can cause side effects such as rapid pulse, increased blodd pressure, nervousness, sleepeness, and in extreme cases where people are especially sensitive to it, loss of memory and passing out. It is definitely better to try other supplements before using this combination. (I actually don't recommend using it).

Some people are especially sensitive to the stimulating properties of ephedrine and can have a severe reaction to it. Some tolerate the combination quite well. If you do decide to take them, be sure not to take them any time near when you are planning to sleep, i.e. about 4 to 6 hours before, as you may not be able to.

I have never seen any evidence that these products create health problems down the road as they are used responsibly (follow the directions on the bottle).

Also, be aware that it is possible to rely on them too much to achieve your goals. It almost fosters a sort of addictino when you use them and see results and feel energetic. When you aren't using them, you may not feel as energetic and you may not lose fat as quickly, which can be discouraging.

If you are looking to burn off the last few pounds (5 pounds) of fat to get cut, then the fat burners will certainly help, just be aware of the side effects and make an informed decision.

Other supplements such as L-carntine or Endurox are effective for improving fat usage. Take them about an hour before training. Citrimax (HCA) is an excess-carboyhydrate blocking supplement that supports fat loss as well.

In conclusion, I would suggest staying away from any type of "fat burner", for the benefits are not worth the risky associated side-effects.

- BetterU, Inc.

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