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Weight Loss Strategies

If you are wanting to lose weight, you should never skip
meals, especially breakfast, and you should watch out
for "hidden" calories that you either add to your food
or that you drink, such as soda or juice.

Another key strategy to losing weight is making yourself
feel full. Try drinking a glass of water just before you
begin eating. By doing so, the water is occupying space
in your stomach. You will feel full faster. Most
importantly, eat foods high in fiber.

Foods that are high in fiber (such as fruits, whole
grains, and vegetables) contain bulk with considerably
fewer calories-to-volume-of-food. Fiber is a substance
that your body does not use as a calorie source. Yet,
it occupies space in your stomach which in turn makes you
feel full faster.

Most fruits and vegetables are excellent choices when you
are looking for a food low in calories. Watch out for
avocados and coconuts. Both are high in fat, thus high
in calories. Including a rich amount of fruits and
vegetables in your diet not only makes sense for a weight
loss plan but for any diet plan. To promote good health,
you should always incorporate a variety of fruits and

Should a weight loss plan be fat-free?
No. A sensible weight loss plan will include fat, 15 to
30% of the calories from fat. Your body does need fat, so
it is not a good idea to omit it from your diet. It is
also not a good idea to eat too much fat, more than 30%
of calories. Serious health problems can occur as a result
of eating a diet rich in fat.

When a product states that it is fat-free or that it is
lower in calories than the original version, be sure to
read the label. Always check the number of calories and
know the serving size. Many fat-free versions of some
of your favorite foods are not necessarily lower in

Final comment, there are no "magic" foods. Eating grape
fruit religiously, while it is a healthy food choice, do
not expect this practice to burn any extra calories.
Slurping down cabbage soup, sorry to say, will not
produce any wonderful results either. Simply put, use
your head when you hear or read some quack's new
revolutionary diet plan. Nope, combining foods a certain
way is not going to make you drop the pounds either -
Sorry, Suzanne Somers!

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