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Moderating Your Intake During The Holidays

You have been watching your diet and doing quite well- then
the holiday season hits. You just cannot seem to resist all
the goodies popping up. Is it necessary to omit everything
that tastes good? Absolutely not. Do not feel guilty when
you want to eat your Aunt´s famous family dessert. The key
is to keep the amount you eat controlled. Simply put, eat
in moderation.

Here are some ideas to help you enjoy some of your favorite
foods without feeling like you have blown your diet.

* When you give into a scrumptious pie, why not avoid
eating the crust. This will help save on fat and calories.

* When filling up your plate, try to first serve yourself
from the lower fat dishes. Then, once you have some
healthier food in your stomach, go back - using a small
plate - and choose some of the more savory foods.

* As mentioned above, use a small plate. This prevents you
from piling on too much food. And, a small plate that is
full vs. a large plate that is half-full makes you feel
less "deprived".

* If you hosted the meal, once the guests leave, why not
donate the leftovers to a shelter. This gets it out of the
house so you are not tempted to hover around the
refrigerator - letting who knows what sneak into your
mouth - PLUS you will be doing something nice for those
in need.

* Instead of focusing on the food, focus on the people
around you. Make it your goal to speak to everyone in
attendance - more than a simple "Hello, how are you doing?".

* Last but not least, every cook appreciates help -
especially once the meal is over. So, why not help clean
up? You will again be doing something nice in addition to
burning extra calories you would not be burning sitting on
the couch!

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