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Ridding yourself of "Saddle Bags"

The dreaded "Saddle Bags". Many have them and many want to rid themselves of them. I have some pointers for those of you trying to rid yourself of them forever.

The exercise that will target the outer thigh/saddle bag area is know as a Hip Abduction. The basic exercise is very simple. To start, lie down on the floor on your side as though lounging. Keeping your legs straight, raise your top leg up in the air using your hip. Your legs will look like a pair of scissors opening.

Do this exercise for high reps to tighten the area. If you wish to use resistance, hold a dumbell on your thigh just above the knee as you are doing the exercise. You can also try wearing ankle weights.

If you have access to a gym, many have some sort of abduction training machines which essentially give you resistance in the outward scissor movement. This can be a seated machine or a standing machine. Essentially, any machine that gives you resistance in an outwards scissor movement will be effective for working the outer hip and thigh muscles.

Abduction machines should also be used for high reps(15+). Be aware with any resistance training that you won't be burning fat directly from the area you are working - you will be toning up the muscle underneath the fat.

With a dedicated fat-loss program, you will see the well-toned muscle underneath the fat after you burn it off.

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