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Fat Cell Reduction

Are fat cells necessary? Well, they are the storage bins
for extra energy (digested food) that the body did not
use. It is important to have that stored energy as back
up when we go through periods of stress to our bodies such
as during long bouts of exercise. But, we do find the
appearance of enlarged fat cells undesirable. If your fat
cells have gotten larger than you like, here are some
suggestions to help reduce their size.

Your muscles always burn a combination of sugar (in the
form of glucose) and fat. To get the body to use the stored
fat, do some form of aerobic exercise. This includes
walking, running, jumping rope, swimming, stepping, etc.
The form of energy most used when performing exercise is
fat. The great thing is not only does aerobic exercise burn
fat during the exercise session, regular aerobic exercise
trains your body to rely more on fat even while doing

The second thing you can do to tame those fat cells? Do
not overeat! It is counterproductive - for obvious
reasons, but also because overeating actually causes a
decrease in the amount of fat that is released during
exercise. It has to do with a hormone called adenosine.

Adenosine´s function is to tell the cells to hold onto the
stored fat. Another hormone, adrenaline, which is released
during exercise tells the cells to release fat. However,
eating too much decreases the ability of the cells to
ignore adenosine while exercising. Thus, the fat stays
in the cells and no reduction occurs.

So, the two best things you can do to help yourself lose
fat? Aerobic exercise and not overeating. This is probably
not new news to any of you. But, at least now you have been
shown another reason why this works!

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