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Free and trial Fitness programs:
Nutrition is a very important part of losing weight. Most people neglect this.These programs are all great additions and will defintely help you lose weight and gain muscle.

NutriGenie Optimal Nutrition 7.5
A nutrition software with quality star-rating for every diet so that you can directly compare one diet to another. Has descriptive analyses of vitamin, mineral and fat contents such as 'Vitamin Rich', 'High Fat', etc. Has glycemic index analysis useful to diabetics. Food Guide pyramid graphic analysis. Automatic menu generator. And many more unique features.

Recipe Calc 4.0
Recipe Calc helps you analyze the nutritional value of your recipes, meals, and daily food intake. It calculates total calories, calories from fat, the percentage of calories from fat, fat weight (in grams), cholesterol, carbohydrates, sodium, and protein. It displays this information in the standard "Nutrition Facts" label format, making it simple to interpret the data. A large database of common food ingredients is included in the program, and users can add ingredients to the database.

A Personal Diet Fitness Manager 1.0.0
A program designed for those who are interested in losing weight and keeping track of nutritional intake on a daily basis. This program has many different ways of tracking your progress so that you can start to see results soon to encourage you to continue, and it also tracks your daily nutrient intake so you can check to see that your eating habits keep you healthy. The USDA database of over 6,200 food items with over thirty nutrients each is used as input for your daily consumption and there are over 100 physical activities from which you can choose to keep track of calories burned (visit web site for screen shots).
Food selection can be through a search by name or by food group - calories and nutrients are calculated by food portion from the USDA database - physical exercises can be searched by name - physical exercises can be added to customize your workout - meals can be added combining USDA food items so that one selection will contain all items in the meal - progress charts display weight and calories in four different styles - four different calculators are included (see screen shots) - a metabolic rate factor can be used to customize your metabolic rate - all information can be printed by day - date of entry can be changed so that information does not need to be entered daily - small amount of data entry, most information is computer generated - price includes all future updates.

Personal Trainer 1.2
Professional Fitness Trainers keep workout logs. How can you possibly hope to succeed if you’re just guessing? Why continue doing the same thing if you’re not getting results? Use Personal Trainer to maximise your potential. Discover how you can vastly improve your fitness regime. Find out the mistakes that you’ve been making and avoid stagnation. Stun your friends with your new look! Have you ever wondered why some people seem to excel and have super fit bodies? Well the odds are stacked against you if you take a blasé approach. There is no reason why you shouldn’t stand out from the crowd! Whether you want to pack on mass or tone your body, you need to take a scientific approach. Personal Trainer will help you excel. If you want continuous, fast gains, stop wasting time and money and invest in knowledge! Get the ultimate solution! Every day you wait, is a day of lost progress.

WorkoutGenerator 2.1
WorkoutGenerator is a revolutionary tool for creating fresh weightlifting and aerobics programs! Each workout is custom designed so that you can lose weight, gain muscle, and get healthy! Log your workouts and body measurement to keep track of your progress. WorkoutGenerator includes a database of more than 80 weight lifting exercises and more than 20 aerobic exercises. Use of the program gives you free access to the WorkoutGenerator.com portal. The portal contains a wealth of information about weightlifting, aerobics, nutrition, and more! The all new attractive and intuitive interface makes WorkoutGenerator a breeze to use! Need to burn off some calories quickly? Simply enter the number of calories and the number of minutes, and WorkoutGenerator will find some aerobic exercises to help you shed those extra pounds!

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