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Sun Slim Diet Review

Review by Diet Reviews Zone Staff

Sun Slim Diet
by Joy Siegrist MD

Ultimate Weight Loss RevealedThis e-Book is written by a woman named Joy Siegrist whom is a licensed Medical Doctor. The e-Book claims that you can "be at your ideal weight" in 6 to 8 weeks. Although I find that a little hard to believe based on what I've read, I definitely think 3 months is very realistic. This diet has been onthe internet for over 5 years and is a very established weight loss program.

She talks about how you can lose weight quicker by combining different kinds of foods to synergistically speed up your metabolism and burn calories. Her approach is very unique and has been proven time and time again against other diet programs, to produce the results it claims.

Is this weight loss program healthy? You better believe it. This is probably the safest weight loss program out there. It couldn't be written by anyone more qualified. Joy is not only a licenced medical doctor, but has written numerous articles concerning weight loss related issues and they are floating all of the internet.

If you're looking for extremely fast weight loss, this probably isn't the book of choice for you. But it seems to be a very safe and effective, in the long term, program. I would estimate 2-3 pounds of weight loss per week to be realistic using this program.

Joy doesn't starve you with the specific diet plan she lays out. 99% of the foods, I guarantee you already eat and already eat them in the same proportion sizes she outlines. The big kicker to this program is simply the combination and order of foods you eat. Plus it comes with a money back guarantee. Overall, we gave this program four and a half stars. Very good and highly recommended.

You can get a copy of The Sun Slim Diet at:

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